xxx,xxx bad dates!

We are here to suffer ~ Louie

Let me give you a little background. I’m a 45 year old single female. I do not look my age, I actually enjoy watching the look on people’s faces when I tell them how old I am. I look about 35 and I’ve been told I’m attractive.
This is irrelevant. I don’t think looks have anything to do with dating. Perhaps not being attractive would be more helpful…perhaps. Or just the fact that I’m a cray cray magnet and someone out there is having a good laugh watching these interactions, or dates as some would call them.
It’s just tiring, date after date having your positive attitude diminished to the glass actually being half empty.

Blind dates! Yep, usually the only criteria that you both have in common is well, that you’re both single. Not that we have the same taste in music or are both foodies. It’s ‘Oh! I know a great guy for you’ and ‘he’s single!’. Good thinking, let’s make sure he’s single. That’s the description I will get. We have things in common!! YEY! We’re both single!
If this is a close friend, you at least hope they would now you and know what type of person you would best match. But since they are just looking for a single person, they probably are not thinking that far ahead. The reason I mention this is because, when you do meet this ‘great single guy’ and they are just god awful, you begin to think that this is what your friend thinks of you. At least if it’s an acquaintance you can blame it on ignorance. I personally would like to ask for a picture, and of course I’m willing to give mine, several and recent ones. For some reason people get offended by this request. I’m sorry but you need to be attracted to each other, and you can’t help who you’re attracted to. I’m not asking for a model, just someone who takes care of himself. You know, showers, brushes his hair, his teeth, wears clean clothes; apparently this is a big ask nowadays. People say I’m picky, but once they hear the horror stories I’ve endured, they quickly come to agree with me. Therefore, generally I tend to steer clear of these, I’m sure it’s evident right?!!

2018, naturally everyone encourages you to do internet dating. They know a handful of people that have met ‘the one’, they are getting married, everyone is doing it!
I comply, after all I don’t want to be the one thing standing between my future life of happiness.
I set up a profile. The guys that contact me have barely anything in their profile and ask for a hookup, or have some generic write up that they seem to be cutting and pasting from each other’s profile. Yes, I’ve had 3 different guys contact me with the same profile but different pictures. I decide to change it up, I state I’m not looking for hookups. I quickly learn that nobody reads your profile, or at least the men that are contacting me aren’t as I’m still getting the DTF questions. Being hopeful, I decide to try another dating site; which is a totally different crowd. Here, I get messages from either really really good looking guys who are players or very old overweight guys. There is nothing in between, I’m just looking for someone normal. Eventually I cave in and go out on dates with these players with no expectations as a girl needs to go out once in a while! Haha!

A close fiend told me I need to kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince. A little cliche but I see her point. I intend to share my misadventures with each date!
For a good laugh, come back and join me as I paint a picture of what’s out there for women these days. Slim pickings! But at least I can be a good sport and have a chuckle about it.

Good night! Wish me luck!!

Photo cred: Alban Martel on Unsplash

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